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NAME:  Jenna     AGE:  21
Likes to attend college parties and get crazy with her friends.  Always loves to be the center of attention with both guys and girls. Yes, she is BI...
NAME:  Jessica     AGE:  22
Spends her time chatting online, she really enjoys meeting new people. It is easy to get this girl to do anything since she is such a carefree sweety...
NAME:  Heidi     AGE:  20
Now this girl is crazy and you never know just what she is going to do next but it is sure to be outrageous. If your looking for wild, check her out...
NAME:  Dakota     AGE:  19
If she was any cuter it would have to be illegal.  She is a big flirt and loves attention from strangers.  When she parties she goes all out. Very HOT...

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